How Much Does It Cost To Move A Garage?

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Garage

Doing any kind of relocation requires a lot of work. Those couple of months before and after the move can be pretty stressful when planning and adjusting to a new location. And let’s not forget it can be pricey as well. We often oversee the extra costs when moving a household to another place, especially when it comes to the cost to move a garage. It is not an easy job, and the price will depend on the type of the garage you have. To find the best solution to your problem, you have to do a proper estimate based on several factors.

The size of a garage will influence the costs

Your expenses will be different whether you have an attached small garage, two-car garage, or detached garage. Smaller garages usually have fewer things in them, so the cost of the move will be based on it. Two-car garages have much more space, but the price still depends on the number of things to relocate.  The cost to move a garage that is on the small side would be about $3500 – $5500, but it all depends on other influencing factors.

Where are you moving to?

Do you plan to move your garage to another city, another country, or across the yard? The cost of the move will depend on the location. Moving across the yard is the cheapest option since you won’t have to hire professional help or rent a van if you want to move it yourself. If you’re moving to another neighborhood within the city or to a place nearby, the best solution might be to hire a moving company that charges per hour.

The moving crew cost

Having a team of 2 or 5 movers will influence the price of the move, especially if you’re paying the service per hour. Local movers charge approximately $90 – $120 per hour for a crew of 2 movers with a truck. The total cost will depend on the loading/unloading time, so make sure you do everything you can to pack appropriately. It’s better to have a few boxes than a huge one that is much heavier and takes longer to load. For example, a team of 3 movers takes 5-6 hours to move a 1000 square feet apartment.

The cost to move a garage will depend on the number of things in it

To save some money, make sure to pack everything carefully while maximizing the use of space, so you have to make fewer trips. This is especially important if you’re doing the move on your own since, in that case, you will have to hire a truck or a van. So, get some strong packing boxes or plastic containers and make the most of them. You will also have to pay attention to how you load them into the van. Make sure to place big and heavy boxes on the bottom and tightly next to each other. You will use all available space, plus stuff won’t be able to move, tumble around and break. The same packing advice can be applied when placing items in any part of the household used for storing, including the kitchen pantry and garden sheds.

Still, if you need help, some great moving companies could assist you with relocating everything. And while packing your garage may not be the most exciting task, they can also provide some advice to help you pack everything up with ease. Alternatively, if the movers offer packing services, you can hire them to handle this job while you relax and focus on other, more pressing moving obligations. They will also provide all the necessary packing materials, so you don’t have to spend extra money on that.

Save some money

With all these expenses you have a few ways to save some money too. The best way to do it is to get rid of all the unnecessary things from your garage. So, all the things or equipment that you haven’t used in years should go. Your garage should only be temporary storage, not permanent. And if you need to store some leftover paint, for example, there are always different ways to store your things, whether it comes to re-purposing the spare space in the household or renting a storage unit. So while you’re doing the packing, make sure to re-evaluate the importance of the things you have in your garage. Old skiing equipment that you haven’t used since 1998 has to go, and so does anything else that has just been sitting there collecting dust. After all, today, it’s easy to rent basically anything affordably. By decluttering your garage, you will:

  • Have better use of space,
  • Get a lower price for moving your garage,
  • Earn extra money by selling those things online or throwing a garage sale,
  • Be able to invest the money in optimizing your new garage.

And even without all the benefits, it’s important to learn to let go of all things, whether it comes to garages or life in general.

Relocating a detached garage

The costs of moving a detached garage will depend on the weight and the size of the structure. The garage frames would cost approximately $2800 – $5500 for buying the new materials. And as for the labor, it would probably cost as much. However, if you could hire affordable movers to help you with it, especially if you plan to relocate it nearby, you can cut some costs. Still, moving a detached garage further than down the yard is not advisable. The expenses of relocating it further would be greater than building a new one.

Additional investing in optimizing your new garage is a great idea

Spending some more money may not seem like a great idea to you at this moment. Still, when relocating, make sure your new garage is exactly what you need. Most of us use a garage as extra storage space. Even though it’s called a garage, it’s basically your household storage that also has a car in it. And to make that space practical, with easy access, optimize it in time. If you have ever thought about doing it before, the time is now. Because let’s face it, you’re not going to move in and then do some optimizing projects anytime soon. Save time and money by doing it during relocation. Investing in optimizing your new garage is crucial, especially if you’re moving to a smaller space.

Few final tips

There are many factors to consider when it comes to the cost of moving a garage. The most important would be:

  • The type of the garage,
  • The size,
  • The number of things to move,
  • The distance of relocation,
  • The number of hired moving specialists,
  • Whether you plan to do it on your own or hire professionals to do the job for you, you have to consider renting equipment and vehicles for the move,
  • Possible repairs and optimizing your new garage.

Our advice is to put each factor on paper and see what the best solution for you is. If you’ve never done it before, we suggest you hire moving experts for the job. Many moving companies can offer you a free estimate of what the cost to move a garage will be. The estimate is based on the weight and the number of things you have. That way, you will know the approximate price professional moving companies offer, so you can choose if you want to do it on your own with their partial help or hire their services in full. If you decide to do it on your own, soon you might realize it’s too much to chew. Sometimes paying slightly more can save you from the trouble of paying much more if the things get damaged or you experience some additional complications during the relocation.

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