How Much Does It Cost To Store Furniture With A Moving Company

cost to store furniture

Packing your entire house and moving to a different place was never easy. No matter how excited you’re, this process involves a series of steps that are enough to put you under stress.

Since moving makes you focus on several things, especially if it’s a bigger move, one of the challenging aspects could be finding a place to store your furniture. You may need a space to keep it safe and secure until you fully settled into your new house.

While choosing a storage facility, look for companies that help you move and offer storage facilities, too. Some of these companies provide climate-controlled options, so your couch or rocking chair stays in good shape even after days or weeks.

The cost of storing furniture, however, varies from company to company. And if you’re wondering how much it cost to store furniture with a moving company, or want to explore its different types or benefits continue reading this blog!

Furniture Storage with a Moving Company

When looking for a moving company, see if they have a storage option in their list of services. By doing so, the movers will allow you to use their storage facility as a part of the move.  

More so, you can ask the company to deliver your household items as soon as you need them. Although this option is on the pricier side, it’s more convenient and hassle-free.

You can also explore the following storage types and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Types of Storage

Let’s quickly go through the different types of storage.

1)     Residential Storage

Do you want to make the transition into a new home but are not sure about where to keep additional household items? Residential storage can be your safe bet.

If the new residence isn’t ready yet, but you need to pack and sell your previous residence, you can think about residential storage to take some burden off your shoulders.

These solutions are flexible and ease the challenges that often come with moving, irrespective of distance and circumstances.

2)     Commercial Storage

Storage options aren’t only limited to household items. Many moving companies cater to customers who need commercial storage, too.

Some even offer tailored solutions, so you can pack your entire office and store it in a safe facility to use those items later.

From office furniture to technical equipment, you name it and these companies store and transport them according to your requirements.

3)     Self-Storage

Some storage companies have different spaces available within their facility for customers with varying needs.

For example, if you want to access the storage space personally at any time, this option will enable you to do that.

Not only you will be free to organize furniture items the way you want, but you will get an opportunity to keep them nearest to your residential location.

4)     Mobile Storage

This type of storage involves a unit or POD (an empty container or trailer) that travels to your house. With this option, you’re free to fill up the POD or unit with your furniture or household goods, taking your time.

Once done, someone from the company will reach to your house to pick it up and move it to the facility or company’s warehouse.

There’s no requirement for the truck, as the storage POD comes to you. Your only job is to pack the items carefully to keep them in the best condition.

5)     Full-Service Storage

As the name suggests, this storage option will tackle every step involved in the process from start to end. This includes loading furniture for you, unloading it upon arriving at the warehouse, and putting the goods or items in the unit.

When it comes to getting your stuff back, tell the movers and they will load the goods and bring them back to your house.

The process is hassle-free and works best for busy individuals or if you have a lot of items to pack and store.

Factors that Determine the Cost of a Storage Unit

When you start looking for a storage unit, remember to consider the following factors as they influence the overall cost of a unit.


Focusing on the size while choosing a storage unit is crucial to store furniture with varying widths and heights. To decide the size, make a list of the furniture items you want to store.

Since you want to rent a full-size storage unit to store a few furniture items. The size of the storage space is one of the essential factors that determine its cost.


The next factor is the length of time, so decide beforehand how much time you’ll be renting the storage unit. Many companies offer month-to-month rental facilities whereas some provide space for short-term rentals.


Another essential factor on the list is temperature. You must look for the company that controls the temperature of the storage units.

If you’ve furniture items that need a climate-controlled environment, it could add up the cost. However, climate-controlled storage units keep the household items in good condition, especially if you need to store them for months.


You need to check the warehouse or facility’s official hours before signing up with them. You might get access to your stuff 24/7 if you opt for self-service. But accessibility to the unit might be limited if you decide to go for the full-service option.


Safety comes first, so don’t hesitate to ask how the company keeps the facility safe and items stored in it secured? You can also ask if the facility is monitored through security cameras or if in-person surveillance is responsible to watch the space.


The location of your storage unit also influences the cost. For example, if you need quick access to your furniture items, a store located nearby will be best suited for you.

However, if this storage is for a long time for any reason, you shouldn’t think about location and focus on saving some extra bucks.

The Cost of Storage Unit

It’s common to think about how much it costs to store furniture with a moving company. The cost of storage solutions varies on the basis of their type and factors.

From size to location to security, every factor adds up the cost, so you can store your household safe and secure for weeks or months.

In most cases, you can find a 5×5 foot unit at $40-$50 a month. You can expect to pay $75-$150 for a 10×15 foot storage unit monthly.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a larger unit with a climate-controlled environment, you might need to pay $100-$150 a month.

Benefits of Using a Storage Space

You can never regret paying for a storage unit for the following reasons.

  • Storage units are great to store additional furniture items if you’ve moved into a smaller house temporarily.
  • Storage units make a decent option if you want to store your summer patio furniture to keep it in good condition till the next summer.
  • Storage units can come in handy if there’re renovations going on in your current house. 
  • Storage units are there if you want to keep extra stuff away and stage your home to attract buyers.
  • Storage units allow you to store furniture for weeks until you come up with the ideal home layout after moving into your new residence.

The Take-Away

Storage units are, undoubtedly, a blessing in disguise. Reserving one can help store household items that are added or not needed right away.

Be it home renovations, a local move or a long-distance move, renting a unit is the ultimate way to keep your furniture items safe.

But before you rent one, ensure to double-check factors, such as size, type, security, or location, as they help you decide on the cost to store furniture and other items.

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