How Much Does A Custom Closet Cost? I Need More Storage!

Home organization is a continuing interest among homeowners with the demand for home organization products increasing by 3.8% per year with a projected cost of $12.7 billion in 2023.  Among the most popular home organization products are custom closets.  They are so popular in fact that there are hundreds of closet systems that vary greatly in size, material, design and of course cost. 

So how can you move beyond your plastic bins and rows of hangers to a custom closet when you have no idea where to begin or how much to budget?  To begin, the average custom closet can run anywhere from a little over $1,000 to upwards of $20,000.  Yes, that is a massive range and should only be taken as a broad context of custom closet costs.  For a more exact number you should consider costs per linear square foot as well as design and material choices.  

Custom closets can be broken down into three closet types: basic reach-in closet, standard walk-in closet, and lavish dressing room closet.  A basic reach-in closet can be fitted with custom closet features fairly easily.  A typical reach-in closet measures 6 by 2 feet or 8 by 3 feet.  While these do not have as much space as a walk-in closet they have plenty of room for one or two shelving units with customizable drawers and shelves as well as additional room for one or two rods for hanging clothes.  The most basic reach-in closet customization will run close to $1,000 while a unit with more accessories or higher cost material will be closer to $2,000.  

The next step up from a custom basic reach-in closet is a standard walk-in closet.  These are commonly seen in newer built houses and can vary in size from small at 6 by 6 feet to larger at 15 by 12 feet.  Layouts can also vary depending on the home and can be square, long and thin, or L-shaped. 

These can accommodate several built-in shelving areas that will provide ample drawers and organization units and standard rods for hanging clothes  Again, what materials are chosen as well as the design and layout of accessory drawers and shelves will impact the cost of this type of custom closet.  The base amount will be close to $5,000 while the high end will be around $7,000.  

The final custom closet is the lavish dressing room closet that is built to not just hold clothes but to display them.  These closets are generally the size of a small room but can be bigger.  Their overall design is just as important as their size because they need to accommodate many items such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, mirrors, a dressing table, and possibly seating. 

 Adjustable shelving is needed for these closets so that a variety of goods can be reached and moved when needed.  With all of the additions, custom dressing room closets generally begin at $20,000 and can often go higher in price.  If you are dreaming of a lavish dressing room closet take into consideration the value that it will add to your home.  Do not spend an excess amount of money on a closet that will not be valuable to the average home buyer in your area.  Custom closets tend to be more valuable in luxury homes.  

Like everything else in a home, your custom closet can be accessorized.  Typical additions to a custom closet are jewelry drawers, built-in hampers, shoe organizers, full length mirrors, and tie and belt organizers.  You can also add in costs for additional light fixtures, under cabinet and shelf lighting, as well new flooring and paint.  While you are deciding on additions, remember that if you are considering selling your house you should stick with neutral materials and design choices.  

White built-ins or wood finishes are always popular with homeowners as are neutral tones.  If you really want to add sparkle and glitter to your closet consider removable additions such as a gold gilt full length mirror or a brightly colored velvet seat. 

The space you have available and the type of storage you are searching for will ultimately determine your custom closet design.  Once you determine that you can add accessory storage units simply bask in the serenity of a fully organized custom closet.  

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