How To Plan A Local Move

How to plan a local move

Planning a move is always a busy period, especially if it’s a local one. There are expenses to consider, dates and deadlines to keep in mind, timelines to follow, and things to do while balancing work commitments and family life.

Things to consider when planning a local move

Here are some ways on how to plan a local move:

Determine your moving date

There should be ample time for the movers you choose to gather all relevant information on what can be salvaged or discarded from your home so they can arrive with the proper supplies when the day comes. If possible, try not to schedule your move during holidays or summer months because most people are away then, which will slow down the process of finding enough help for such an undertaking. Also, avoid early hours as you don’t want them arriving at dawn to start moving things out.

Create a detailed list of what needs to be moved

You should have an idea about the specifics already, but just in case, you can also check with your new home for any missing pieces that need to be brought over. If it’s a house, keep track of everything from items inside cabinets and drawers to contents stored under sinks and the garage. Furniture inventory is another thing you need to know beforehand, so make sure you are organized enough to note every item in the household, especially those bulky ones.

Talk with friends or family members who can help on moving day

Ideally, this should come well ahead because getting commitments at such short notice might not always work out. If you cannot find enough help, consider getting hold of a reliable moving company just for this specific task.

As far as cleaning is concerned too, you may want to hire move/in move/out cleaning company to help prepare your home.  This is a great thing to do if you plan to move.

Keep your budget in check

Moving is an expensive job, so spending well is extremely important too. You have to factor in the costs of hiring movers and helpers and renting trucks or trailers if necessary, so you know what needs to be saved under normal circumstances. Sometimes it’s also required to stay within a specific limit during the move, especially when there’s no more space left on the truck or trailer that has been booked already.

Get packing supplies early on

You need boxes and other packing materials at hand for packing up all your belongings. It might take some time to sort everything out before getting started on the process of putting things in boxes, so make sure you can get these supplies way ahead of moving day.

Take inventory of wardrobe, kitchenware, and machinery

Make a list of anything that has an electronic or mechanical part because it will be needed on moving day to ensure efficient transport of these appliances. You don’t want to leave something behind just because you didn’t have an exact idea on what needs to be loaded into the truck first, so get ahead with this one early enough too.

Donate unwanted items

Donating is good for your wallet and your new home, so work through what belongs there already, and followed by what else can just be discarded. This is also the perfect time to get rid of things you have kept for years already that are just taking up space in your place, so give them away while you still have the chance.

Prepare for pets

Pets need special attention too, and this is not about how they can help with moving because they really can’t, especially if it’s a big one like a horse or an elephant! You’ll need to ensure their transport cages are cleaned and ready for use after days of storage in the basement or garage. You may consider contacting a professional cleaning service in your area too for air duct or dryer vent cleaning if you feel pet hair has built up in vents..

Get copies of all documents needed

This is probably an everyday practice, but when moving, you will need certain files such as ownership papers titles right away when arriving at the new home, so keep a copy handy to avoid any delays.

Get references for movers and helpers you can trust

You don’t want any problems to pop up, so checking for trusted contractors early on is highly advised. If there are no recommendations, ask around, especially from friends who have already done this kind of thing before; they will know the best people to work with.


Moving can be quite stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you prepare well enough ahead – that’s the key here! When planning your move, keep these steps in mind, and make sure you stick to their note for note until the very end.

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