Guide To Store Leftover Paint After A Renovation

how to store leftover paint

If you have just completed remodeling your house, chances are you have a lot of leftovers including paints and you must be looking for a solution to store leftover paint so that it can be reused later. You may not be using these leftovers until the next time you have a remodeling task at home. One of these leftovers is paints. If you have half-used containers of paints, do not through them away. You will need these again. All you need is to know how to store leftover paint to keep them usable for another occasion.

How To Store Leftover Paint For Reuse


Here are a few steps you must consider when storing leftover paint for future use;

Avoid adding thinner or water when storing leftover paint

Adding water or thinner into the paint container can ruin it completely. Adding water into the paint can change the paint’s color, leave in a pungent smell, and decompose after some time has passed.

Don’t leave air into the container

If half the bigger container is empty, put the paint into a smaller container. Leaving too much air space into the box will result in the paint getting destroyed. Therefore, if you will be using the paint again after a long time, make sure the container is at least half-filled.

Do not let paint dry on the edges

Since you are storing the paint to reuse later, keep it from hardening and drying. Clean the edges and the top of the container before you place the lid onto it. If there is any paint left on the top and put the lid on it, it will dry and be impossible to reopen quickly. This usually happens in the case of oil paints or alkaline paints. If the paint dries on the edges, it will allow air to enter inside and ruin the paint.

Close the lid firmly

As we mentioned, the air inside the container will damage the paint. We suggest you keep clean the edges of the container and place the lid tightly onto the container. Make sure you press it well enough with a hammer. A good idea would be to keep a piece of wood on top of the lid instead of hitting the cover directly to avoid any damage. 

Where And How To Store The Leftover Paints

The water paints are likely not to form a layer if you cover the container tightly. However, for other paints, it is impossible to avoid it. The best you can do is to keep the containers upside down to dodge the film formation.

Store in a dark and dry place

Always store the paints in a dark and dry place. Make sure there are no heating or burning objects nearby. The paint must be out of reach of the humidity and sunlight. A closet or garage is an ideal place for leftover paint storage.

Label the Paint containers

This may be a little trouble when doing, but you’ll thank yourself later on. There are two ways of doing it. You can put a label on the container or leave a mark on the lid with the color inside it. Ensure you stain the paint before you use it again, or else it may ruin the finish.


Whether you are moving into a new old house or are renovating your own home, there will be many items left for future use. The ideas shared by Storage and moving tips will help you keep your paint in good condition to use later for a renovation.

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